Way to Go

I am so proud of the students.  They have been doing an amazing job.

I am so excited to have your child in my class.  They are an inquisitive group and I look forward to having fun with them.  I will send you all a message on Sunday's letting you know what we will be learning in Math and Science for the week ahead.  

This week we will be reviewing place value and forms of numbers.  In grade 3 we move up to the hundred thousands.

In Science we will be discussing ways to stay safe during science labs, and learning the scientific method.  They will have their first lab this week to practice the sequence of the scientific method.  My goal this year is to challenge everyone always and focus on solving problems.  Please know that if your child is having difficulties that I will do everything in my power to get them up to speed.  Math doesn't have to be scary and I want everyone to feel confident about their skills.

Thanks for all you do.  We are better together!