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New District Phone System

Over the holiday break Hutto ISD implemented a new phone system to allow for easier two-way communication between parents and staff. This has caused some changes to phone numbers throughout the district. While the main district and campus numbers remain the same, individual extensions have changed.


Each Hutto ISD staff member has been provided with a unique phone number in the format of 737-327-####. As we roll out this new system, parents will start to receive calls from staff using these new numbers. Some cell phone carriers, such as AT&T, may display these new numbers as spam.


Below we’ve provided the main district and campus contact information for your convenience. If you need to reach a department or individual please contact the district or your campus to be transferred.


Hutto ISD District Office: (512) 759-3771

Hutto High School: (512) 759-4700

Hutto Ninth Grade Center: (512) 759-5420

River Horse Academy: (512) 759-3020

Farley Middle School: (512) 759-2050

Hutto Middle School: (512) 759-4541

Cottonwood Creek Elementary: (512) 759-5430

Howard Norman Elementary: (512) 759-5480

Hutto Elementary School: (512) 759-2094

Kerley Elementary: (512) 759-5410

Nadine Johnson Elementary: (512) 759-5400

Ray Elementary: (512) 759-5450

Veterans’ Hill Elementary: (512) 759-3030


Thank you for your patience as we launch this new system. Please keep an eye out for more information from your campus in the coming weeks.