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Board of Trustees Proclaims Wednesdays as "Workforce Wednesdays"

On Wednesdays we wear workforce! On September 26, the Board of Trustees approved a proclamation declaring Wednesdays as “Workforce Wednesday” at Hutto ISD! This is in honor of Hutto Middle School Texas History Teacher (and social media sensation) Bill Rhoades’ mission to promote the trades as an option to college one t-shirt at a time.

Mr. Bill Rhoades

Rhoades began wearing trade shirts on “college shirt day” in August highlighting local companies. In addition, he would take a moment to educate his class about the particular trade, how much it pays and pathways to enter that career. With a simple request on social media for shirt donations, Rhoades rose to Facebook fame with companies donating dozens of shirts.

The Board of Trustees highlights his efforts to promote positive opportunities for all students and encourages the entire Hutto community to join him.

"The positive response is telling me I'm not the only person who thinks that this is important," said Rhoades. "I feel like this is going to make a difference."