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College Board National Recognition Awardees

Hutto High School students have earned academic honors from the College Board National Recognition Programs. These National Recognition Programs grant underrepresented students with academic honors that can be included on college and scholarship applications and connect students with universities across the country, helping them meaningfully connect to colleges and stand out during the admissions process. Colleges and scholarship programs identify students awarded National African American, Hispanic, Indigenous and/or Rural/Small Town Recognition through College Board’s Student Search Service.

The following student(s) have been awarded recognition (award key below):

  • Alana Nunez: NHRA
  • Ashlynn Albiter Dominguez: NHRA
  • Ayana Snow: NAARA
  • Bianca Stubbs: NAARA, NHRA
  • Gabriel Aguilar-vega: NHRA
  • Ines Chognika: NAARA
  • Isabell Delarue: NHRA
  • Jessica Solis: NHRA
  • Kusonah Fohtung: NAARA
  • Lukas Harboure: NHRA
  • Michelle Udenenwu: NAARA
  • Nicole Reytor: NHRA
  • Talia Simpkins: NAARA, NHRA

Award Key:

National African American Recognition Award – NAARA

National Hispanic Recognition Award - NHRA

Hutto ISD leadership is thrilled that these students have earned this recognition. We are very proud of them for their achievements in their classrooms and on College Board assessments. These programs help students from underrepresented backgrounds stand out to colleges during admissions.