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Naming Middle School #3 

The construction for the district's third middle school will begin this fall and is scheduled to be ready for occupancy in the fall of 2024. We want to be able to refer to our newest school by its official name. The new middle school will be built adjacent to Kerley Elementary off Haybarn Road.  


View renderings of Middle School #3 here


As per Hutto ISD Board Policy, CW (Local), the superintendent will determine a nomination period, accept nominations, and take the top nominations to the school board for a final selection. We will accept nominations until July 31. We will take the top nominations to the Board for approval at the August 25 School Board Meeting.


  • The person must have made exceptional contributions to the improvement of public education, the District, community, or state.
  • The person must represent exemplary human qualities that can serve as a model of excellence for the students who will attend the school.
  • The individual, group, or organization must have made a significant contribution, which may include a financial donation, to the District, community, or state.
  • Nominations for politicians or political affiliation shall not be considered.
  • The person may be living or deceased; however, the Board shall give preference to the name of a person who is no longer living.
  • A facility may be named for a local residential or geographic area or a state or national landmark.
  • Names of historical significance to the geographical area or to local, state, or national historic events.

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The name nomination period closes July 31 at midnight.