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Gaye Rosser, Hutto Elementary Principal

Gaye Rosser
Hutto Elementary Principal


Hutto Elementary School Principal, Gaye Rosser, is the ultimate team player! She is a true advocate for life-long learning and has the utmost sincerity and enthusiasm for Hippo Nation. She puts her heart and soul into HES and loves every opportunity she gets to interact with her staff and students. 


Naturally curious, she has so much interest in people and their life stories. Ms. Rosser has a passion for education that impacts her whole campus. She enjoys getting feedback from her community and then putting it into action. Ms. Rosser can absorb the knowledge and look through different perspectives. 


Hutto Elementary School is positively tenacious. Starting this school year off with students and staff in the middle of a construction zone, Hutto Elementary did not miss a beat. The campus persevered and made it work! The silver lining was knowing that they had a leader encouraging them and staying hopeful, reminding them daily that new beginnings lead to endless possibilities. 


It is clear that Ms.Rosser's campus loves her, and she loves them. When walking through the HES hall's it is not uncommon for students to run up and give her a big hippo-sized hug or for teachers to engage in a friendly conversation. There is a rapport that she has with her campus that is inclusive and genuine. 


One of the most defining characteristics of Ms. Gaye Rosser is her love of laughter. She lights up the hallways with a beaming smile—it is the language of her soul. 


Thank you, Ms. Rosser, for your drive to make the world a better place. Hippo Nation is grateful for YOU and your leadership!