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Hutto Education Foundation Awards $109,565 in Excellence in Education Grants

October 7, 2021


Congratulations to all of the Hutto ISD teachers and staff who received an Excellence in Education Grant last month! Hutto Education Foundation was able to fund 32 grants this year, totaling $109,565.


"We are so proud of the thoughtful and innovative grant applications that we received this year,” said Claudia Cardwell, Director of the Hutto Education Foundation. “The grants that were awarded are definitely going to enhance the educational experience in Hippo Nation for students and teachers. We can't wait to see these in action




Excellence in Education Grants are one of the many programs supported by HEF. These grants are awarded to Hutto ISD teachers and staff to obtain resources and tools that are innovative and work to enrich, enhance, and maximize the quality of education available to Hutto ISD students. Grants are awarded to creative initiatives that have a vast impact and expected sustainability.


View Photos of This Year's Grant Winners Here



Grant Recipient  Grant Title Amount Awarded Sponsor

Caina Cooper

Stop! Collaborate! And Create! $1,500.00 Alliance Engineering

Caina Cooper

Engage Engineering with Fairy Tales $4,710.00 American Eagle Plumbing

Katy Robison

Learn to Play - Play to Learn (Campus #3 - Hippos Connect (18+ Transition Program) $4,575.00 Angie McWethy - Magnolia Realty

Katy Robison

Learn to Play - Play to Learn (Campus #1 - HHS) $4,575.00 Angie McWethy - Magnolia Realty

Katy Robison

Learn to Play - Play to Learn (Campus #2 - NGC) $4,575.00 Angie McWethy - Magnolia Realty

Javier Rodriguez

Henry/Henrietta, the Hip-Police $5,000.00 Baird Williams

Caina Cooper

Vend More, Read More! $5,000.00 City of Hutto

Paul Lister

Hip Hip Hooray for Veteran's Day! $5,000.00 City of Hutto

Anthony Zanin

World Maps Over Time: Bringing Primary Sources into the Classroom $750.00 Combined Benefits Group

Gina Navarro Ward

CCES Coding Club $2,909.50 Hagood Engineering

Caina Cooper

Hippo ZONE: Calm, Cool & Collected $1,450.00 HEB

Tiffany O'Connell

Inquiring Minds Want to Know $2,860.00 HEB

Yvette Scott

Eagle Eye - Soaring High with Drones $4,517.10 Hutto CDC

Ashley Valdez

Building Up A Hippo Future $900.00 Hutto CDC

Jennifer Stowers

Page Turners Book Club $2,400.00 Hutto Family Eye

Caina Cooper

Graphic Novels for Everyone $4,995.48 Hutto Family YMCA

Caina Cooper

Zero to Sphero: Rolling Through Learning $4,546.50 Joeris

Jared Green

BEAM Interactive Playground $5,000.00 Joeris

Keri Clark

Growing and Connecting $5,000.00 Pfluger Architects

Caina Cooper

ReEnergizing with Robots! $3,297.97 Pfluger Architects

Yvette Scott

Building Stronger Leaders Through Robotics: Part 1 $4,657.00 Pfluger Architects

Lanie Matula

Be A Beacon - LGBQTIA+ Training $4,800.00 Pfluger Architects

Claudia Cook

Hippo Zen Bins $1,142.81 Ranger Excavating

Caina Cooper

The Great Outdoors $3,731.05 Stockade Kitchen

Denise Hartline

Regulation for Success $2,600.00 Texas Disposal Systems

Kimberly Barron

Hippo Harvesters - Digging Deep $3,028.00 Bartlett Cocke

Jennifer Stowers

Hippo Urban Garden $2,800.00 TexMix

Branwen Wilkinson

Building a LEGO-cy! $2,227.98 Tiemann Land & Cattle

Amber Walker

Comfort in the Classroom: Increasing Student Engagement through Innovative Seating Options $3,274.06 Tumlinson Electricc

Debbie Garthwaite

Making Sense with Rekenreks $3,193.81 VLK Architects

Mitch Fairchild

Building Stronger Leaders Through Robotics: Part 2 $4,549.00 VLK Architects