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Hippos and Staff of the Month Introduced at November Board Meeting

Hippos of the Month for October

October Hippos of the Month (L-R):

Back Row: Madelyn Fritz (HHS); Alinah Jones (FMS); Jayson Norwood (RHA); Phillip Boutwell (School Board); Dr. Estrada Thomas (Superintendent)
Middle Row: Morgan Hubbard (School Board); Garrit Ver Schuur (HMS); Jahvon Vasquez (HES);
Front Row: Brooklyn Cage Johnson (CCES);  Alexander Galindo (RES); Urijah Escobar (NJES); Jarred Trujillo-Velazquez (HNES); 
Not pictured: Ja’Maya Jarvis (VHES)


Staff of the Month for October

October Employees of the Month (L-R):

Dr. Estrada Thomas, Superintendent; Edward Vega, Maintenance; Brandon Cardwell, Director of Facilities; Kimberly Hutchinson, Teacher of the Month (FMS); Morgan Hubbard, School Board; Mark Willoughby, Principal of FMS; Phillip Boutwell, School Board; Valerie Rahyns, Support Staff of the Month (NJES); Jacqueline Tealer, Principal of NJES