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Hutto ISD Launches Apprenticeship Program for Aspiring Educators

Hutto ISD is creating its own pipeline for aspiring educators by launching a unique teacher apprenticeship program in Fall 2024 for a multitude of positions that will provide hands-on experience in our K-12 classrooms.

Designed to attract and assist aspiring teachers for employment, the apprenticeship program will pair successful applicants with experienced mentor teachers while they complete a degree and certification requirements, and earn valuable on-the-job educator training.


“This unique program will offer a community-based solution to our local teacher shortage by providing a supportive and personalized pathway for prospective teachers who are current Hutto ISD employees or who become Hutto ISD employees,” said Dr. Cara Malone, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. “Whether they are currently serving as paraprofessionals, looking to make a career change, or are high school graduates, we are looking for individuals who love kids and aspire to be the teachers of tomorrow.”


Hutto ISD has implemented a residency program for individuals in their last year of college for the past two years. The addition of an apprenticeship program will support developing teachers throughout, or up to four years of education. Apprentices, or resident educators, will receive on-the-job training so when they enter the classroom as a teacher, they will not only have a degree and certification but also enhanced pedagogical skills.

In addition, Hutto ISD’s apprenticeship program aims to help teachers remain in the profession longer thanks to the mentor-mentee and/or collaborative team approach which is designed to guide new educators to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges one might face in the profession, Malone says.

“We are committed to removing barriers, reducing the uncertainties and playing a direct role in training Hutto ISD’s future workforce as we address the issues facing the state’s and nation’s teacher shortage, particularly in the area of special education,” said Malone. “Apprenticeship programs promise a long-term solution to meeting the challenges of hiring qualified teachers, and our investment in those who aspire to work with and inspire the next generation of college and career-ready graduates is among the top priorities for Hippo Nation.”

This opportunity is open to current Hutto ISD employees as well as future hirees. Additional details and how to apply will be made available through Hutto ISD’s Human Resources Department. An informational meeting is scheduled for Feb. 19, at 5:30 p.m. at the Hutto 9th Grade Center.

“Providing opportunities for future teachers to earn while they learn will create an affordable and rewarding pathway into the teaching profession. Hutto ISD strives to build a talented and diverse pipeline of dedicated professionals at a time when doing so has never mattered more for our current and future students,” said Malone. “This process will affect two generations — the apprentices who become teachers and the students they serve.”

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