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Hutto ISD announces 60 teachers to receive a Teacher Incentive Allotment

Hutto ISD Administrators and campus leadership surprised 60 teachers at schools across the District Monday afternoon to announce their selection as Teacher Incentive Allotment recipients.

HUTTO, Texas — This August, 60 Hutto ISD teachers will receive a boost in pay under the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) program, marking a first for the District. Recipients range from first-year teachers to those with 20-plus years of experience, representing all Hutto ISD elementary school campuses. Hutto Middle School had two teachers recognized as well.

60 Recipients Overall
Master - 24
Exemplary - 17
Recognized - 19

Campus Representation
Benjamin “Doc” Kerley Elementary School - 14
Ray Elementary School - 11
Cottonwood Creek Elementary School - 8
Nadine Johnson Elementary School - 8
Howard Norman Elementary School - 6
Hutto Elementary School - 6
Veterans’ Hill Elementary School - 5
Hutto Middle School - 2

In 2019, the legislature passed House Bill 3, establishing the Teacher Incentive Allotment. The measure was intended to help reward, retain and recruit highly-effective teachers. The ultimate goal of the TIA is to provide six-digit salaries for educators who prioritize teaching in high-needs areas and rural district campuses.

Funding for TIA was built into Texas state law as part of House Bill 3 during the 86th Texas Legislature and is a Tier 1 allotment through the Foundation School Program, the system through which the state provides funding to school districts. This system, grounded in the Texas Education Code, creates a sustainable funding source for districts implementing TIA.

There are three categories in which a teacher can qualify: Recognized $3,000-$9,000; Exemplary $6,000-$18,000; and Master $12,000-$32,000. According to the Texas Education Agency, TIA-recognized teachers are 3 percent more likely to stay in a teaching role and 8 percent are more likely to remain in a district.

The TIA designation system connects teacher evaluations from the Texas Teacher Evaluation Support System (T-TESS) with student growth on district or state performance assessments. Districts must gather the data and submit every eligible teacher in October. The data is then validated through a rigorous process. Texas school districts are notified in the spring.

Hutto ISD is committed to submitting more teachers throughout all of its K-12 classrooms. As part of the District’s expansion efforts at the secondary level this year, Hutto ISD is collecting data on 6th-8th grade Reading and Math, Algebra I, English I and English II. This coming October, Hutto ISD will submit its data. Additionally, those who did not qualify for 2024 at the elementary level, will have the opportunity to qualify in the coming years. Teachers are designated for five years; however, those who received a designation can also receive a higher designation in future years. The District is committed to adding additional subjects in years to come.

“We know that effective teaching has the greatest impact on student achievement. We are so excited that we have so many exemplary teachers in our district that have proven their effectiveness in growing the students in their care. We are so proud of the quality teaching in Hutto ISD,” Brittany Swanson, Associate Superintendent of Instruction and Innovation.

“We are so excited to be able to add the Teacher Incentive Allotment as one way to increase compensation for teachers within our district. We look forward to adding additional grade levels/contents to our TIA plan to expand such opportunities even further, eventually reaching all teachers,” Cara Malone, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.