Voters approve all three Hutto ISD Bond proposals, totaling $522 million

  • HUTTO, Texas — Voters in Hutto ISD approved all of the school district’s 2023 Bond propositions on the May 6 ballot totaling $522 million. Preliminary results from the Williamson County Elections Department show that 60.99% of voters approved Prop A, for $471.5 million; 58.25% of voters approved Prop B, for $10.5 million; and Prop C, for $40 million, passing with 57.02%.

    “We are grateful to the voters of Hutto ISD for supporting this bond election and acknowledging the immediate and near-term need for these projects as we address the fast growth in our school district,” said Superintendent Dr. Celina Estrada Thomas. “From day one, the Bond process involved community input through the work of the Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee, and it has ultimately concluded with the community’s input through the election process. We sincerely thank the citizens who served on the planning committee this past fall. 

    “Anytime you seek the community’s support in a bond election, you are asking your stakeholders to trust District leadership with tax-funded projects and to follow through with the promises we make. As we have done with past bond elections, we will strive to maintain your trust, which is most important to us. In conjunction with our Board, we will execute sound financial practices with our students’ well-being at the forefront of every decision.”

    “Bond 2023 was a community effort, and the foresight and strength of the Hutto ISD community is evident,” said Board President Billie Logiudice. “Results from the election are a true vote of confidence in our District, and it is most certainly a win for Hippo Nation and, more importantly, the students we educate and families we serve.”

    Proposition A allocates $471.5 million for several projects, including:

    • Elementary School #8

    • Elementary School #9

    • Build-out of the Ninth Grade Center to create a second, comprehensive high school

    • Final phases of Hutto High School renovations and additions

    • Classroom additions at Hutto and Farley Middle Schools

    • Funds to purchase land for future school sites

    • District-wide technology infrastructure and security upgrades

    • New school buses and development of a satellite transportation facility

    • District-wide facility upgrades to HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems to improve operational efficiencies

    Proposition B allocates $10.5 million for the purchase and refresh of instructional, or one-to-one technology devices. Per recent state legislation, these proposed expenditures were required to be a standalone ballot proposition. With increasing enrollment, the District asked voters to approve bond funds for new instructional technology devices, such as laptops and classroom technology, and to replace those that have met their useful lifespan and are now outdated.

    Proposition C includes $40 million to construct a District Academic Center at 200 College Street. The proposed facility will see a partial demolition of the original Hutto ISD school facilities and renovations of adjacent buildings to create a permanent space for those currently housed in portable buildings, including River Horse Academy, DAEP and the 18+ Special Education Program. District leaders envision the Hutto ISD Academic Center as a space to engage and serve the community, provide facilities for employee development and training, and expand office space for central administration functions as the District continues to grow in the coming years.

    The Bond does not impact the current District tax rate of $1.3929 which is the result of Trustees lowering the total tax rate by nearly 28 cents over the last eight years, thanks to the continued growth of the tax base in Hutto ISD. Property taxes for citizens age 65 or older will not be affected by the 2023 Bond election as long as a Homestead Exemption application has been filed with the Williamson County Appraisal District.

    “This Bond provides equitable upgrades to nearly every single campus in our district,” Hutto ISD Trustee Amy English said. “And the proposals approved by voters in this Bond will help all students in Hippo Nation at every single grade level. I’m eager to engage the community along with fellow trustees so that we may continue to provide exceptional educational and extracurricular experiences for our students.”

    Dr. Estrada Thomas said she looks forward to seeing the positive impact of the Bond for years to come. “We’ll have the facilities we need to accommodate the growth and, most importantly, the added spaces to enhance offerings for our students through Career & Technical Education programs as we prepare our graduates for immediate employment or to continue their educational journeys,” she said.

    “The Board of Trustees would like to express our heart-felt thanks to the community for their vote of confidence in the 2023 Bond proposals,” said Logiudice. “Just as in years past, we will continue to work diligently to ensure that all projects are delivered in a way that continues to raise and meet the expectations for our students, families, staff and community.”

    “Passing a school bond is a monumental task at the intersection between the community’s expectations and the needs of a fast-growth district like ours,” said Henry Gideon, Assistant Superintendent of Operations. “From the very beginning our goal has been to engage and educate our community in a bond process that was transparent, inclusive and collaborative. This approved 2023 Bond package highlights the value of community input from various perspectives.”

    As timelines and further plans are developed and approved, the District will provide updates both online as well as through other official communication channels.

    More information on the current and past Hutto ISD Bonds, including future updates, can be found at

Williamson County Results Report

Hutto ISD School Board Approves May 2023 Bond Election to Address Enrollment Growth

  • At their January 26 meeting, the Hutto ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved calling a $522 million Bond Election to address current and future enrollment growth. This vote follows the presentation of the District’s Long Range Facilities Planning Committee’s recommended project list to the school board.

    Voters within Hutto ISD’s boundaries will have the opportunity to cast their votes on three propositions during the May 6, 2023 election. If approved, the $522 million total will be funded through additional bonding capacity resulting from property value growth within the District and with zero increase to the tax rate.

    The Long Range Facilities Planning Committee (the “Committee”), composed of 50 community members, parents, students and school district staff, formulated a comprehensive plan and presented their findings to trustees on Dec. 8. Convening in August 2022, the Committee spent nearly five months collaborating and studying the District’s current facilities, demographics, enrollment trends and school finances that resulted in the bond proposal which will address the impact that a rapidly increasing enrollment has on the District’s facilities in a fiscally prudent manner.

    “We are grateful for the Long Range Facilities Planning Committee members who volunteered their time to participate in the development of this school bond, and we appreciate their continued commitment to our students and staff,” said Dr. Celina Thomas Estrada, Hutto ISD superintendent. “As a fast-growth District, ensuring that many voices are heard is paramount as we make decisions that will last for generations of students.”

    “Through the community’s support of Bond 2019, we have made great strides in serving a rapidly growing student body and their families, and our Hippo Nation staff family. Bond 2023 has the potential to accommodate our rapidly increasing enrollment and position the school District for the student growth predicted over the next five to seven years.”

    The latest demographic report and enrollment projections shows Hutto ISD as the fourth-fastest growing school district in Central Texas for annual new home closings. With a current enrollment surpassing 9,750 students, the District is expected to exceed 17,000 students by 2032. With approximately 75 square miles of land within Hutto ISD boundaries, numerous active and planned subdivisions and multi-family housing developments will continue to bring new families to local schools. Hutto ISD Bond 2023 was formulated with these facts in mind.

    “This bond proposal brings before voters a community derived plan to address the rapid growth we are all experiencing in our community, and most importantly, represents the District’s proactive, forward-thinking, pre-planning efforts as we continually strive to be the best school district in Central Texas,” said Dr. Estrada Thomas. “The future is very bright for Hutto ISD, and we look forward to sharing the details of the bond proposal with our community and educating voters throughout the coming months.”

    The District’s financial advisor projected no increase to the tax rate, which funds the repayments of bonds as a result of this bond election. In fact, the Hutto ISD Board of Trustees has decreased the tax rate annually in seven of the last eight years. The increasing commercial and residential property values and construction of new homes and businesses increases the District’s bonding capacity at the current I&S tax rate and will support this bond program.

    “The Board recognizes the magnitude of tonight's vote in moving forward with calling a bond election and is the first necessary step in the process. The next step will allow voters to decide the direction our District will take to balance the incredible growing needs by taking the propositions to the ballot box,” said Hutto ISD School Board President Billie Logiudice. “We are so thankful to those who continue to invest their time, share their expertise and experiences, and offer their recommendations by serving on the Long Range Facilities Planning Committee.”



    • Elementary #8 - $63,000,000

    • Pre-K thru 5th-grade campus to address growth and add capacity

    • Includes a Little Hippos Daycare Center

    • School site is identified and district-owned

    • Elementary #9 - $70,000,000

    • Pre-K thru 5th-grade campus to address growth and add capacity

    • Includes a Little Hippos Daycare Center

    • School site is identified and district-owned

    • Hutto High School Renovations & Additions (final phases) - $68,000,000

    • Final stages of HHS modernization including additions for programs such as fine arts, robotics lab, audio, and visual tech classrooms, Air Force JROTC, health sciences, auto mechanics, agricultural mechanics and welding, a new competition gym, and additional dressing facilities for student-athletes, and general upgrades to architectural finishes.

    • Existing Middle School Classroom Additions - $14,000,000

    • New classroom wing additions for both Hutto and Farley middle schools to add capacity and address growth

    • 9th Grade Center build-out to Comprehensive High School - $180,000,000

    • NGC build-out will create Hutto ISD’s second high school to address growth and add capacity

    • Land Acquisition - $32,000,000

    • Provides funds to purchase property for future school sites

    • Deferred Maintenance Projects - $24,000,000

    • Replace Heating/AC units, plumbing, and electrical systems that have met useful lifespan to improve operational efficiencies

    • Buses & Satellite Operations - $10,000,000

    • Replace aging school buses and build a second operations station for routes south of Hwy. 79 to eliminate the need for buses to cross railroad tracks and provide shorter ride times for students

    • Technology Infrastructure Upgrades - $10,500,000

    • Technology infrastructure upgrades to address safety and security systems, data storage, and internet connectivity


    • Instructional Technology - $10,500,000

    • Purchase and refresh instructional devices, including one-to-one teacher/staff and student technology


    Districtwide Academic Center - $40,000,000

    • Renovation of College Street facility to include permanent space for DAEP, River Horse Academy, and Special Education 18+ Program

  • District & Community Growth

    Over the last five years, Hutto ISD has experienced a 29% increase in enrollment. Currently, Hutto ISD is the fourth-fastest growing district in the area and has 23 actively building subdivisions and 11 future subdivisions planned. Groundwork is underway on 1,900 lots within the district. Current enrollment projections indicate Hutto ISD will be at or above capacity by 2025, and by 2027-28 more than 13,500 students will be enrolled in the District. By 2032-33, the enrollment projection increases to 17,700 students.


  • Hutto ISD Is the 4th Fastest Growing District in the Area

    • Hutto ISD ranks 4th out of 20 Austin-area ISDs in Annual New Home Closings for the 3rd quarter of 2022.

    • Hutto ISD increased its enrollment by 673 students in Fall 2022 for a 7.5% growth rate. As of January 2023, 9,750 students were enrolled.

    • Hutto ISD had a record number of new home sales in 2022 (1,382) with 4Q not yet included, and new home starts remain strong even with the rising interest rates.

    • The District has 23 actively building subdivisions and 11 future subdivisions planned.

    • Groundwork is underway on approximately 1,900 residential lots within the District.

    • Current enrollment projections show more than 13,500 students in the District by 2027-2028 and more than 17,700 by 2032-2033.

  • By 2031-2032 School Year, Hutto ISD Student Enrollment is Expected to Double

    • Elementary Schools: By the Fall of 2031-2032, elementary school enrollment is expected to double.

    • Middle Schools: As of Fall 2021-2022, Hutto ISD middle school enrollment was 2,137. By the Fall of 2031-2032, middle school enrollment in Hutto ISD is expected to be 4,040.

    • High Schools: High School enrollment in Hutto ISD as of Fall 2021-2022 was 2,547. By 2031-2032, that figure is expected to climb to 4,927 high school students.

    • District enrollment in Hutto ISD was 8,960 students in 2021-2022. By the Fall of 2032-2033, Hutto ISD is expected to be serving upwards of 17,700 students.

  • Financial Information

    If approved by voters, the 2023 Bond will result in a ZERO tax rate increase. In fact, the District’s total tax rate has decreased in seven of the last eight years by a total of 27.71 cents.  Growth in the tax base will allow the District to build the projects in the bond proposal without any increase to the tax rate, which is the only part of your taxes Hutto ISD controls.


  •  Every Dollar Stays In Hutto ISD

    Hutto ISD is facing recapture for the first time due to increasing property values. Chapter 49 of the Education Code, also known as “Robin Hood,” forces certain school districts to share local tax revenue with other school districts. Should Hutto ISD be subject to Chapter 49, 100% of funds collected to pay for the bond will stay in Hutto ISD and be used for our students.

  • Short Term Bonds will be used to finance items with a shorter lifespan

    Items that have a short lifespan, i.e. buses and technological devices are paid off within five years.