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Meet the Teachers

Meet the Teachers

Ulysses Guerra is a first-year pre-kindergarten teacher at Veterans’ Hill Elementary School. Jacki Ciccolella is in her eighth year with Hutto ISD. She is a second grade teacher at Howard Norman Elementary School.

Why did you choose Hutto ISD?

Guerra: When I was a student in the residency program, I really liked the community aspect. The District reminded me of my hometown. Everywhere I went, it was smiles and laughter and people genuinely enjoying each other’s company. When I got a job offer to stay here, it was “of course.” A win, win!

Ciccolella: I wanted to work in a district that would challenge me as well as allow me to grow. I continue to choose Hutto ISD because it is a district that thrives on teamwork with the ultimate goal of making kids successful. I stay in Hutto ISD due to the opportunities I have been given to teach with autonomy, while utilizing the many resources that Hutto ISD provides!


What sets Hutto ISD apart from other districts?

Guerra: I’ve never experienced a district where everyone is the same. We’re all Hippos. When I did my college observations, I could see a difference.

Ciccolella: I believe the people in Hutto are what makes it special. You can literally reach out to another teacher, administrator on any campus or district level administrators and will be greeted with people who want to help you make your kids successful! There are growth opportunities such as the Aspiring Leaders Academy which I participated in several years ago. This gave me the opportunity to grow not only as an educator but as a team lead.

What would you say to parents considering moving to Hutto or enrolling students in our schools?

Guerra: I like that we are all here for the students. We put in 110% to make sure they come to a school where they feel appreciated, supported and also taught the basics of life. No matter what extracurricular activity they like, there’s something for them. Our priority is making sure they want to be here and they want to come back the next day. It allows parents to feel a sense of relief knowing that we have their students’ best interest from when they enter school until they are at home. It’s never-ending care for them.

Ciccolella: The teachers in Hutto ISD are some of the finest, most hard-working teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. We have wonderful programs and curriculum. I have watched my campus grow and create multiple after-school clubs and opportunities for students to grow not only academically, but also socially! You will find a district that thrives on your input and supports not only your student but you as well.