Hutto ISD proudly celebrates Native American Heritage Month!

  • The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum join in paying tribute to the rich ancestry and traditions of Native Americans.

    Explore the National Native American Heritage Month resources here.

  • Ashley Melot Contreras

    Ashley Melot Contreras

    There are many ways we can honor Native American peoples, including understanding what native land you are on, participating in Native American cultural events, supporting indigenous artisans, learning about Native American history and culture by reading Native American literature and listening to podcasts focusing on Native American culture, history and contemporary issues, exploring Native American cuisine, and engaging with Native American Communities. Hutto ISD reached out to Native American, Ashley Contreras, on staff to help teach us about her beautiful culture.

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Cultural Heritage of Texas

  • Texas is part of the Indigenous lands of Turtle Island, the ancestral name for what is now called North America.

    The state of Texas has a rich tapestry of Indigenous Peoples, including the Alabama-Coushatta, Caddo, Carrizo/ Comecrudo, Coahuiltecan, Comanche, Kickapoo, Lipan Apache, Tonkawa, and Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo.

    These communities have contributed to the cultural heritage and history of Texas, making it an important part of the American Indian narrative.