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    Hello Farley Family!
    As the 2018/19 school year draws closer to an end, the FMS PTA is preparing our organization for a passing of the torch. Our PTA has had a strong past two years, growing and expanding into an organization we are all very proud of. However, as our children age up and terms end, we find ourselves at a crossroads. We need new, energetic and positive members to fill our board for the 2019/2020 school year. 
    We will be accepting nominations until April 17th, and welcome all nominees regardless of previous PTA membership. Elections will be held at our final General Membership Meeting for the year on April 29th at 6:30 pm. All submissions will need to be submitted on our online form, or to Jodi Hawkins at our front reception desk. 
    Open positions include President, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Programs and Events, Treasurer, Secretary, and Parliamentarian. All positions will be accepting nominations.
    President - The President's role is to lead the team in meetings, committees, and planning. You will work with school staff, your VPs and the Executive Board to organize and implement all decisions and events approved by the executive board and membership. You will need strong organizational, planning and networking skills, along with the time to dedicate to overseeing the general business of the FMS PTA. 
    Vice President of Membership - The Vice President of Membership is responsible for submitting all membership to the TXPTA. You will also work to grow and maintain membership numbers as well as supporting the president with other leadership duties and share co-responsibility with the second VP if the President is not available.
    Vice President of Events and Programs - The Vice President of Programs and Events spearheads the committees set to organize events and programs. It is the VP of Events and Programs who helps to facilitate communication between the committee and the Executive Board. This position requires good teamwork skills and creativity. Share co-responsibility with the second VP if the President is not available.
    Treasurer - The Treasurer oversees the financial workings of the PTA. It is their responsibility to maintain our accounts, NPO tax status, complete and set the budget and handle checks and reimbursements. A strong candidate will have an organized background with a good understanding of finances and spreadsheets.
    Secretary - The Secretary is responsible for taking our minutes, keeping PTA files organized and available for the Executive Board and Membership. Requires strong communications skills, as you will have a hand in writing to and communicating Programs and Events with our Farley Families. May maintain the Newsletter, Social Media Accounts or other means of communication. 
    Parliamentarian - The Parliamentarian is our rule keeper and our front line in making sure we are operating within TXPTA standards and FMS PTA Bylaws. This person needs to be very fact oriented and enjoy reading and law. We have not had a Parliamentarian previously at FMS PTA and would love to find a logical, detail-oriented community member to fill this position.
    All positions have more detailed guides available on the TXPTA website, located here
    Please consider joining the FMS PTA team and carrying our organization forward in supporting our students, staff, community, and FMS!
    Any questions can be sent to who will distribute your messages to the Nominations Committee.  
    Thank you,
    Farley PTA
    What is the PTSA? The Parent Teacher Student Association supports the faculty, staff, and students of Farley Middle School.
    What does the PTSA do? Provide snacks for the students while they take the STAAR tests, back-to-school teacher breakfast, Thanksgiving pies for teachers, Christmas teacher luncheon, fundraising, Fall and Spring dances, appreciation gifts for faculty and staff, we help support Family Nights at Farley, and host Box Top parties.
    Why be involved? According to the, "Parent involvement s tied to better grades and higher test scores, better social skills, and improved behavior. Kids of involved parents are more likely to stay in school and are more likely to continue their education beyond high school."
    WE NEED YOU! Click our Membership link!
    Attention: It is that time of year again!! 
    Are you interested in being involved at your child's school? 
    Are you interested in taking on a defined position on the Farley PTSA For the 19-20 school year?
    Call the FMS office today to find out more! 
     Events coming up:
    PTA meeting Apr 29, 6p-7:30 FMS cafeteria
    April- Spring Dance