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    From our 2019/2020 Farley Middle PTSA President...

    Dear Farley Community,

    As hard as it is to believe we are now in the countdown mode to the beginning of the new school year. Summer has flown by so quickly and I truly hope this summer has given you time together as a family. I hope you have had time to rest, and time – precious time – with your children. As we prepare for the controlled chaos of a school year, please know that your PTSA, administration, faculty, and staff have been diligently preparing the facilities, classrooms, resources, curriculum, and most importantly themselves for the year. Our PTSA Board has met several times this summer and attended LAUNCH Conference in order to bring you a spectacular year! It is going to be a great year to be a member of Hippo Nation!

    I would like to ask you to join together as a community in preparation for the coming year by lifting our faculty and PTSA in a moment of reflection. We have two weeks before classes begin and my hopes are that nearly 900 students, 1800 parents, and thousands of siblings and grandparents will lift up our educators who will be bringing not only the academics for life’s lessons to your children but also the inspiring perspective of intellectual development. Let us all share the lesson of kindness and responsibilities of middle school with our children.
    Please find a listing of upcoming planned PTSA events for the Fall Semester page 2. The goal of the PTSA this year is to deliver:

    • Increased Parent Participation
    • Increased Student Participation
    • Increased Teacher Participation
    • To become a National PTA School of Excellence Program
    • School gives back:
    o To deliver to FMS one cart of 35 Chrome laptops
    o Outdoor picnic tables for outside lunches and classroom time on a beautiful fall day
    o Outdoor awnings to cover the picnic tables for really HOT days

    The bar is set high; but with our Farley community, these goals can be achieved! YOU matter most: family, students and our community matter most. The PTSA will support students and families throughout the year in various activities for family gatherings and teacher appreciation. Together, we CAN work towards these goals for OUR children, grandchildren, teachers and staff. Your involvement in the PTSA will be crucial for the success of your student, your school and the community. We want to create learning opportunities for children, support for our teachers and a community of kindness and support.
    Again, we can’t wait to see you on campus and at our PTSA events. Soon you will begin to receive e-mails about PTSA events, athletic events, the arts and so many exciting things. But the most exciting thing of all is that your child will soon be learning even more in a community which cares about their wellbeing, education, safety and having fun!

    Enjoy your remaining summer. We are Hippo Nation!

    Elizabeth Castillo

    Thank you,
    Farley PTA
    What is the PTSA? The Parent Teacher Student Association supports the faculty, staff, and students of Farley Middle School.
    What does the PTSA do? Provide snacks for the students while they take the STAAR tests, back-to-school teacher breakfast, Thanksgiving pies for teachers, Christmas teacher luncheon, fundraising, Fall and Spring dances, appreciation gifts for faculty and staff, we help support Family Nights at Farley, and host Box Top parties.
    Why be involved? According to the schoolfamily.com, "Parent involvement s tied to better grades and higher test scores, better social skills, and improved behavior. Kids of involved parents are more likely to stay in school and are more likely to continue their education beyond high school."
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    Attention: It is that time of year again!! 
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