• Thank you for your interest in the River Horse Academy!  Any student who wishes to qualify as an applicant for RHA must be actively enrolled and in attendance at Hutto High School. In addition, students must gain written approval from the following people:  1) Parents; 2) Principal or Assistant Principal; & 3) Counselor.  Students should do so by using the document linked below. Here are the steps a student must follow:

    1. Print the RHA Applicant Approval Form
    2. Have your grade level principal or campus principal sign their approval.
    3. Have a parent/guardian sign their approval.
    4. Take the form to your HHS counselor for final approval.

    If your HHS counselor approves you as an applicant to RHA, they will help you in submitting the application.  Once your application is received, you will be placed on a waiting list for admission to RHA.  Please understand that placement on the waiting list does not guarantee that you will be admitted to RHA. Space is very limited, so availability is reserved for students who have the greatest need. Furthermore, the waiting list grows daily, and applicants are prioritized based on greatest urgency and need; therefore, students who are only a few credits behind or whose credit recovery can be completed while attending Hutto High School may remain on the waiting list while newer applicants get admitted.