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    Hutto ISD is working with an outside education service company to provide virtual instruction for eligible Hutto ISD students for the 21-22 school year.  The company will provide Texas-certified teachers for core subject areas and some electives.  Students will remain enrolled with Hutto ISD, but the teachers will not be Hutto ISD employees.

    Hutto ISD is contracting with Pearson Connexus, who will provide a blended learning opportunity consisting of both synchronous and asynchronous instructional opportunities for students. Students will participate in Live Lessons with a Pearson teacher and will have additional assignments to complete on the Pearson Education Management System with the assistance of an adult at home.  Students will participate during normal school hours and follow the Hutto ISD calendar.

    Our Virtual Academy students will be expected to work during the full school day, which consists of the equivalent of 240 minutes of instructional time.  A typical school day will include asynchronous lessons, face-to-face live instruction, independent work online, and independent paper and pencil assignments.  We understand that different families have different scheduling needs so the examples attached are just suggestions.  Feel free to do what works for you as long as your child is making progress on their learning objectives within Pearson Connexus.

    For next school year, Hutto ISD is offering a very different model for secondary students only.  

    Parent Information Packet Download

    HVA Family Information Session

    Sample Elementary School Schedule

    Sample Middle School Schedule


    FAMILY 411 is the Pearson online family resource center. This exclusive web portal is available 24/7. FAMILY 411 may be accessed from the Caretaker Home Page. Pearson support may also be reached at 1-844-597-3224


    Pearson Connexus Student and Parent Website

    Students Access the Pearson Connexus Website via ClassLink

    Parent/Student Handbook/Asynchronous Learning Plan


    Attendance will be measured daily and will be measured by daily progress in the Pearson Learning Management System that confirms students accessed the instruction.  Students are required to complete the equivalent of 4 hours of asynchronous and synchronous learning every day.  Please note that this does NOT mean we expect students to be online for a total of 4 hours.  We recognize that different students work at different paces and some children will need less time to complete assignments and some families might desire more time to work through the online lessons.  We also understand that younger children may take longer to learn concepts and will need more frequent breaks from online learning in order to be successful.   Furthermore, some learning activities will not involve being logged into a computer.

    The following is a guide for how many actual minutes you might expect your child to be logged into and completing asynchronous lessons with the Pearson Learning Management System in order to achieve the 4 hours of daily learning.

    • Kindergarten - 60 minutes
    • 1st grade - 120 minutes
    • 2nd grade - 150 minutes
    • 3rd grade - 160 minutes
    • 4th grade - 190 minutes
    • 5th grade - 200 minutes
    • 6th grade - 210 minutes

    Students counted absent for not attending asynchronous or synchronous lessons will be notified by Hutto ISD.  Upon a student's 8th absence in the HVA, the student will be withdrawn and re-enrolled in their home campus. Parents will need to submit a physician note through Skyward Family Access in order for an absence to be excused.

    Technical Help

    For help with district Chromebooks, ClassLink, or login issues, please use the Hutto ISD Technical Support chat.
    Chat support is available Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. 
    To start the online support chat, click the green We Are Here button in the bottom right corner. 
    Hutto ISD Technical Support Chat

    Para obtener ayuda técnica en español, llame al 512-759-4770. (This number is only for help in español. For support in english, please use the technical support chat).

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