• Career and Technical Education (CTE)

    Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offer a sequence of courses that provide students with coherent and rigorous content. At the Hutto 9th Grade Center (NGC), students get a chance to begin and explore career and educational opportunities through CTE foundational courses. As students progress through these programs, they will have the opportunity to become part of nationally-recognized organizations. As an extension of classroom learning, these organizations provide opportunities to compete, gain leadership experience, find a sense of belonging, and earn scholarships. Many programs of study culminate with an opportunity to earn an industry-recognized and industry-valued certification.

    The following foundational courses are offered at the NGC:

    Fundamentals of Computer Science

    Principles of Applied Engineering

    Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

    Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance

    Principles of Digital Media

    Principles of Education and Training

    Principles of Health Science

    Principles of Hospitality

    Principles of Human Services

    Principles of Law, Public Service, Corrections, and Security

    The link below will take you to the Hutto High School CTE webpage for additional information: