• Hutto 9th Grade Center Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) Philosophy

    At the NGC, Honors and AP classes give students the opportunity to practice (at the appropriate level) skills which will enable them to be successful in the upper-level AP classes.  Honors and AP classes will expose students to the type of expectations and activities required by the AP program.  Honors and AP classes lay the foundation for success not only in the upper-level classes but also ultimately in college coursework itself.  Successful Honors and AP students are typically task-oriented, proficient readers who are able to set priorities with regard to time and responsibilities.  Parental support of the program also plays a key role in the success of these students.

    Honors and AP students will be offered the opportunity to participate in a college-level learning environment.  It should be understood that Honors and AP courses are challenging.  However, students can rise to the challenge.  The Honors and AP courses require students to be independent learners practicing effective time management, directed inquiry, strong study skills, applied analysis, and critical thinking.  The objectives of the Honors and AP courses are for the students to excel on the AP examinations during the spring semester and to promote a successful transition to college.