• Orange Santa


  • Join Us In Providing Holiday Magic for Hutto Families!

    Orange Santa, a Hutto program sponsored by the Hutto High School LEO Club, aims to bring hope and strength to the Hutto community during the holidays by providing a Christmas experience for children in families that are experiencing severe economic stress and to provide a full Christmas dinner and toys for every child selected!

    In 2022, we served over 300 families, including almost 1,000 kids, and we can only do that again this year with your help!  

    Financial hardships impact our students and families every year and the number of families that are economically disadvantaged is continually increasing. Between lack of technology, added stress at home, and limited resources available through the school district and non-profits in the community, we cannot let the benefits Orange Santa provides to these families go by the wayside.

    Each family accepted receives 3 gifts per child and a full Christmas turkey meal! In addition, Orange Santa’s Distribution Day is back to being in person! During COVID-19, Orange Santa was hosted at Hutto High School as a drive-through. Moving forward we're back to families coming inside, having pictures with Santa, visiting different activity booths, and receiving their food and gifts. 

    Thanks to the students and volunteers of the Hutto High School LEO Club, we are working to maintain a safe yet fun process for families to receive their Christmas dinner and toys!  

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