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Mrs. Andrea Pikas



I thought you would like to know a little bit about your teacher, so here is some information about me. I am the youngest in my family. I have one brother and sister-in-law that I love very much.  I have a cat named Spicy.   In my free time, I love to cook and garden.  With my husband, we both enjoy funny movies, gaming, traveling, camping, hiking, and building things.  

In our classroom, we embrace and learn from our mistakes, ask questions, support and encourage each other, work as a team, accept the challenge, take ownership of our own learning, and believe in the power of yet. I love witnessing children like you learn new things. I enjoy teaching and coaching as it brings great satisfaction and laughter more than I could ever imagine. I believe that parents play a very important role in their child's education and formation. Because of this, I welcome and encourage parents to reach out. Below you can find my contact information:
Email: &
School Phone #: 512-759-5480