• Said Farraje & Tara Crider

    Hi and welcome to our Hutto High School Culinary Arts web page in Hutto ISD where together, we are better.

    The Culinary Arts program is in its  eleventhth year at the High School

    I am Mr. Farraje. I came to HISD from industry in July of 2009 and started the  Program for the 2009-2010 school year.

    I have a BA in Linguistics and Literature from University Hassan II in Casablanca, Morocco. 

    I also have a Chef's Degree from ITHT (Institut des Techniques Hotelieres et Touristiques) Rabat, Morocco.

    I have worked in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry as a Chef, a Manager, and a General Manager for over twenty years in Africa, Europe, and the US.

    I love cooking. I also love teaching, which makes this the ideal profession for me.

    Besides teaching, I am an FCCLA Advisor and a Soccer Coach. These are two things that I love and enjoy doing becuase first of all, I love the game of soccer. As a matter of fact, I played soccer all my life and I still do. I also love being an FCCLA advisor because I love doing projects and activities with my students outside the school confines. I am also a firm believer that  learning does not just happen in the classroom and FCCLA definitely provide that opportunity for me and my student members.

    I am Ms. Crider. 


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