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Ms. Shelby Graves


Hello First Grade!

We are using Google Classroom as the platform to share instructional activities during this time. 
Your child will be able to work within Google Classroom whenever it works best for you and your family at home. They will not have to turn in any assignment. Everything will be practice and supplemental material to encourage your children to keep learning and keep their growing skills intact!
To get your child ready to access Google Classroom, you will need to log in to their school Gmail (Google email) and they should have an email about joining our Google Classroom. You will also need our class code to be able to access Google Classroom.
I have already added each student into the classroom, so you may already see Ms. Graves Classroom when you log in.
Your child's school email is: lunch
Password: lunch number lunch number (their lunch number entered twice)
Example Login:
Password: 1234512345
Below are the class codes to join our classroom as well as the Specials classrooms.
Ms. Graves Classroom code: zs46bxq
Art: c6rsuut
Music: k3hsvsm
PE: kxxoqj6

As you are preparing at home for your kids to use this, Google Classroom can also be accessed on XBOX and PS4!

Please let me know if you do not have access to some sort of device or internet for you child!


You are more than welcome to email me if you have any questions!

Please tell your child I MISS THEM and THANK YOU for all your help and patience during this time!


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