Westwood Meet Schedule

    ACADEMICS Schedule


    7:30 - Computer Application Set up



    Current Events

    News Writing

    Number Sense

    Ready Writing

    Computer Applications


    8:30 - Calculator

    9:15 - Feature Writing


    9:30 - Mathmatics

               Social Studies

    10:30 - Editorial Writing

                 Literary Criticism

    11:00 - Science 


    11:30 - Headline Writing

    12:30  - Copy Editing

    1:00 - Computer Science Written

    2:00 - Computer Science Hands on set up

    3:00 - Computer Science Hands on 

    SPEECH & INTERP Schedule

    8:00 AM            Persuasive Draw:  Prelims (Library) 

    8:30 AM            Persuasive & Poetry:  Prelims 

    10:00 AM          Informative Draw:  Prelims 
    10:30 AM          Informative & Prose:  Prelims

    12:30 PM          Persuasive Draw:  Semis

    1:00 PM            Persuasive & Poetry:  Semis     

    2:00 PM            Informative Draw:  Semis 

    2:30 PM            Informative & Prose:  Semis 
    4:00 PM            Persuasive Draw:  Finals 
    4:30 PM            Persuasive & Poetry:  Finals 
    5:30 PM            Informative Draw:  Finals 
    6:00 PM            Informative & Prose:  Finals        



    DEBATE Schedule

    Lincoln Douglas Debate

    8:00 AM            Round I 

    9:45 AM            Round II 
    12:15 PM          Round III 
    3:00 PM            Octo-Finals 
    4:30 PM            Quarter Finals 
    5:30 PM            Semi Finals 
    6:30 PM            Finals 


    Cross Examination (Policy) Debate

    8:00 AM            Round I 

    9:45 AM            Round II 
    12:15 PM          Round III 

    3:00 PM            Quarter Finals             
    5:00 PM            Semis Finals 
    7:00 PM            Finals



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  • Congratulations to both of our CX Debate Teams.  They placed 1st and 2nd at the District Meet on February 2nd and will be competing at the State CX Debate Tournament at The University of Texas on March 23 and 24. 

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  • Upcoming Practice Meets


    Westwood Practice Meet is Feb. 23. Deadline for entry is Feb. 19

     Belton Practice Meet is March 2 Deadline for entry is Feb. 28

    If you are interested in any of these practice meets, please see your event coach or Mrs. Vasquez in room 200B

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    Welcome to the home page of Hutto High School UIL Academic teams.  Here you will find information on the contests and practice meets for the UIL Academic program.  There are a wide range of contests for any interests.  Please contact the following teachers if you are interested in a particular event

    State UIL Academics Home Page



     2017 -18 UIL Academic Team

    2017-18 UIL Academic Team


    UIL  Events and Coaches 2018-19

    Computer Applications :  Casie Feller  

    UIL Film: Casie Feller

    Computer Science : Patrick Bryne     

    UIL Animation:  Alan Pickett  

    Debate :  David Lampe 

    Poetry and Prose:  Linda Rosenbusch   

    Literary Criticism:  Kate Earnest

    Spelling :  Kelly Seaman

    Ready Writing:  Kelly Seaman

    All Journalism Events:  Laura Barrett

    Social Studies:  Eric Gaviglio

    Current Events: Anthony Zanin

    Science:  Chris Moyer

    Math:  Kevin Bugusky

    Number Sense:  Roger Thurman

    Calculator Applications:  Wayne Christmas

    Accounting:  Cynthia Davis