• February 2020 School Board Recognitions

    February Hippos of the month

    February 2020 Hippos of the Month

    Cottonwood Creek Elem - Terry “Tj” Fisher
    “Doc” Kerley Elementary - Donna Garcia
    Howard Norman Elementary - Addie Williamson
    Hutto Elementary - Jace Lau
    Nadine Johnson Elementary - Kaycee Cantwell
    Ray Elementary - Alexander Galindo
    Veterans' Hill Elementary - Liam Town
    Farley Middle - Ayden Picardal
    Hutto Middle - Zaydin Sanchez
    Hutto High School - Erin Desmarais
    River Horse Academy - Noah Easterling

    February Staff of the Month

    February 2020 Employees of the Month

    Department Staff Member of the Month -Athletics
    Coach Ignatius “Gant” Caraway

    Employees of the Month
    Teacher(s) of the Month:
    Jacki Ciccolella, Howard Norman Elementary
    Claudia Lardizabal, Hutto Middle School

    Support Staff of the Month:
    Bradley Alders, Hutto Middle School