Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Paul Lister

Dear Parents and Students,

I would like to first welcome you to my web page and express how excited I am for us all to start another fantastic year at Hutto H.S.


I am thrilled and blessed to be starting my 17 year at Hutto H.S. and as the Dyslexia Specialist for Hutto H.S. for the last 10 years.

Academic Qualifications: B.A. Business Management, B.A. in Communication, State Certified in Secondary English, Language Arts, Reading, Special Education, English as Second Language and Wilson Certified Dyslexia Specialist. 

My classes use a highly structured multi-sensory approach to engage as many learning styles as possible throughout the class period. 

Hobbies: Flying, Skydiving, Scuba diving, Cycling, Traveling

I can't wait to have the opportunity to not only teach but also get to know each of my students this year.

Thank you,
Mr. Lister


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