• Welcome to Hutto Middle School's Counseling Page 
    Our Mission:
    The HMS Guidance and Counseling Program's mission is to address the physical, social, emotional, and academic needs of students by providing age-appropriate and developmentally sound information.  Further, we seek to facilitate activities designed to enhance the traditional classroom learning experience for our students.  
    Work to ensure that students receive orientation pertinent to the programs available to them through school and appropriate placement.
    • Provide students with guidance that is goal-oriented and unbiased.
    • Oversee the implementation of a developmental guidance curriculum aligned with HISD goals and initiatives. 
    • Provide thoughtful and thorough referrals as needed connecting students, parents, and families with valuable resources in our wonderful community. 
    • Provide up-to-date information on careers with an emphasis on personal assessment and career exploration. 
    • Disseminate information to parents, staff, and the community relevant to the objectives of the guidance program. Click here to browse our SCHOOL SHELF resource for parents and students. 
    • Coordinate Gifted and Talented testing, the PSAT8, and provide information on advanced academic readiness/ facilitate 8th-grade college board account set up. 
    From the Counselors...
    Welcome to Hutto Middle School!  We want to encourage students, parents, and community members to utilize guidance services throughout the year.  Areas in which we may be especially helpful to you include:
    1) Course selection and placement in special programs.
    2) Career exploration and planning.
    3) Assistance with personal and academic concerns. 
    Throughout the year, we will be facilitating classroom presentations on various guidance-related topics.  Please check out our individual pages for more information and peruse your information's various helpful links.  We will update these pages throughout the year with relevant links and information as needed. 
    Your HMS Counseling Team,