• River Horse Academy  

    The word "River Horse" comes from the Greek translation of the word hippopotamus, Hutto ISD's legendary mascot.  The school is labeled as an academy, because it offers individualized pathways for accelerated graduation, high school equivalency, and virtual learning.  With these offerings, River Horse Academy (RHA) aspires to serve Hutto ISD students as a premier school of choice.

    RHA serves three primary purposes: 1) dropout prevention; 2) offer an alternative setting for students whose needs and/or life circumstances warrant an alternate setting with increased individual attention (including a virtual setting); & 3) offer the opportunity to graduate early.  Using an online platform called Edgenuity, students are able to earn credits at an accelerated pace to graduate on time with their cohort, return to Hutto High School in good standing in order to participate in extra-curricular activities or graduate early to pursue life and career opportunities.  RHA also incorporates blended learning methods through direct teacher instruction and Project Based Learning.  These strategies are used to reinforce online learning to make the learning experience more meaningful, relevant, and authentic to the student.

    At River Horse Academy, students follow a traditional eight-hour day schedule, but schedules and rotations are customized based on individual student needs.  Students will be supported in the classrooms, but will also have time to sit in RHA's Study Hall when support from the classroom is not required.  Each classroom at RHA offers flexible seating and a low student-teacher ratio making it the ideal environment for students who are in need of an alternative setting.  In addition to the eight-hour day, RHA also offers a flexible schedule in the form of an AM/PM cohort which students can earn once they achieve a certain milestone of credit completion.  This flexible schedule allows students to seek employment opportunities or assist their families while completing their academic careers. 

    RHA is now in its 15th year and has helped more than 600 students graduate.  Come join us at RHA and discover that your personal excellence...is within reach!!!

      RHA Hippo