Provide athletes with the most comprehensive speed, strength and conditioning program instruction and supervision by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and staff to ensure the safe and effective development of the athletes through an attentive periodization of training to make sure that the training plan is compatible with practice, games, and travel schedules. Sports are about speed, change of direction, strength, power, and mental toughness so we train as we compete. The Hippo Iron Strength program is designed to maximize athletic potential in every student-athlete in all sports through the periodization of year-round training with goal of producing successful teams.
    Success in athletics depends on the ability to produce power. The Hippo Athletic Performance program is designed to promote movement efficiency based on sport specific Olympic lifts like the Clean, Clean & Jerk, and Snatch along with their variations, core strength lifts consist of the Bench and Squats along with their variations combined with plyometric training to harness the power needed for competition. These are multi-joint, multi-muscle lifts which require speed, coordination and force to be produced against the ground. The more speed and force you can apply against the ground the more power you will produce.
    Power can be developed in the weight room and transferred into competition. The focus and intensity in the weight room is targeted to be the same as in a game by having athletes attack the weights with high intensity, replicating movements of their sport.
    Develop an athlete’s running mechanics from the top down encompassing the eyes, head alignment, body lean, arm action, knee punch and drive and foot placement will help with the athlete be able to control their body for better acceleration, deceleration and be better balanced for change of direction.
    Flexibility is crucial is keeping an athlete healthy and injury free. A majority of muscle injuries occur upon rapid acceleration or deceleration so muscle ply-ability and flexibility is crucial. Greater range of motion (ROM) of a joint will help reduce joint and muscle injuries due to the elasticity of that muscle.
    We will target an athlete’s energy system (aerobic or anaerobic) based on the demands of their sport by implementing sport-specific conditioning.
    The Hippo Athletic Performance Program ensures the student-athlete’s training is designed to develop these physical demands while promoting competitive toughness through a physically and mentally challenging program. These demands are essential in being a great Hippo athlete and will give the Hippos the advantage in victory.