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    Welcome to Kindergarten at Veterans' Hill Elementary School! 
    We are excited to spend the school year with you!
    iBienvenidos a Kinder en la escuela primaria Veterans' Hill!
    ¡Estamos emocionados de pasar el año escolar con ustedes!
  • Read our Weekly important reminders and dates!

    iLea nuestra hoja informativa para saber sobre recordatorios y fechas importantes!


    We hope you all had an enjoyable spring break!! Here is our weekly update for this week:
    Spelling Words:


    the, up, look,with and you
    What we are learning:
    Phonics/Fonetica:  We will attach the long a to the letter Aa, like in cape! 
    Reading/Lectura:  We are reading The Little Red Hen and sequencing the beginning. middle and end. (Fabulas)
    Writing/Escritura:  We will write a narrative about what we did over spring break! (Escribir sobre las vacaciones)
    Math/Matematicas:  We will identify coins penny, nickel, dime, quarter. (Monedas)
    Social Studies/Estudios Sociales:  We will learn about community helpers. (ayudantes de comunidad)
    Important Dates:
    3/22 – Kite festival, 5:30 pm; (Festival de Papalotes, 5:30 pm)
    3/25-3/29 – Book Fair week (Feria de Libros)
    3/29- White t-shirt due for field trip (Se debe la playera para la excursion)
    4/11 - Field Trip to Crowe's Nest Farm (Excursion a la granja Crowe's Nest)

    Thank you to all parents who have helped and supported our Kindergarten activities!  heart  iMuchas gracias a todos los padres por ayudar y apoyar en las actividades de Kinder!  heart  

    Here are some of our fun memories.  Aqui estan algunos de nuestros recuerdos divertidos.

    concert 1        concert 2    Winter Concert   concert 3      character parade  Story Book Parade

     nursery rhyme show                           pumpkin math     

                           Nursery Rhyme Show                                                                               Pumpkin Math 

     Firefighters            gingerbread hunt

                              Firefighter Presentation                                                                      Gingerbread Hunt


    Crayons    teacher quote    team pic

    Kinder Team 

    Two-Way Dual Language Teachers apple

    Susan Olivares....Email: susan.olivares@huttoisd.net  Olivares's webpage

    Crystal Valles......Email: crystal.olivares@huttoisd.net   Valles's webpage

    Mono-lingual Teachers  apple

    Samara Riley....samara.riley@huttoisd.net   Riley's webpage

    Emily Reed.......emily.reed@huttoisd.net  Reed's webpage

    Vanessa Henson....vanessa.henson@huttoisd.net   Henson's webpage