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  • Welcome, everyone!!!!


    We are so excited to have you in class! This page is where you will find the best teachers at Howard Norman. We will be teaching all grade levels from Pre-K through 5th grade. Students will have Music, Art, and Library once a week and P.E twice a week, per state law. 



       For Gym class, please remember to wear tennis shoes for gym class. Our gym floors are delicate and we want to keep our gymnasium in perfect shape.

        For Music performances please wear your best clothes. No torn jeans or sandals on stage. Dress to impress!!! Boys should have shirts tucked in and wear a belt. Girls should wear shorts underneath if they are wearing a dress. NO SHIRTS WITH PRINT ON IT!!!!! Again, dress to impress.

        For Art, please make sure that you are keeping your clothes clean when doing art. Your parents work hard to keep your clothes in excellent condition so let's help them too! 

        For Library, please make sure that you are treating the books with respect. Do NOT break the spines on the books. OUCH! They need to be here in our schools so your little brothers and sisters can enjoy them too. Maybe your cousins might come here at a later time, who knows? Let us keep our library a happy place.


    We are so happy that you are coming to our classes! Remember to smile and have a great day. We know our students are the BEST!!!



       The Specials Team

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