May 16-20

  • Social Studies - Ms. Sigler

    Posted by Rebecca Sigler on 4/17/2022

    America Today

    For the next two weeks, we will be studying America in modern times. We will learn about how the United States worked with other countries around the world in various conflicts. We will discuss the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and America's role in challenges and conflicts after that. We will then learn about the Information Age and new discoveries in science and technology. 

    Classlink Apps (you must be logged into Google, then you will have access to the apps listed here):

    Studies Weekly  - Look for weeks 30-31. There are many really good articles and stories here! 

    BrainPop - Do a search for The Information Age or War on Terror and have fun looking around at all the different topics!

    Vocabulary Words: human rights, coalition, Electoral College, levee, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, civilian, recession, national debt, globalization, nonrenewable resources, climate change, science, technology

    Video Links:


    Medical Technology


    The Great Recession


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  • Science - Mrs. Murphy

    Posted by KRISTINA MURPHY on 3/20/2022 12:00:00 PM

    Structures & Behaviors

    This week we are finishing up adaptations by reviewing specific adaptations, as well as exploring types of plants and their adaptations. We will begin learning about inherited traits and learned behaviors.

    I've listed some helpful resources below that have more information about what we're learning. You can also access Stemscopes through Classlink and view the assigned videos and activities related to this unit.

    Vocabulary words: adaptations, habitat, niche, reproduction, mimicry, camouflage, migration, hibernation, inherited trait, learned behavior

    Plant adaptations video

    Animal adaptations video

    inherited traitslearned behaviors



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  • Review

    Posted by Andrea Parris on 2/19/2022


    Upcoming :

    May 2nd- Career Day ( please have students dress up for their future career) and Math homework due Pages 79-80

    May 6th - field day

    May 9th- Math Homework due

    May 11th- Reading STAAR for 5th grade

    May 17th- Math STAAR for 5th grade

    May 19th- Science STAAR for 5th grade

    May 24th- Graduation @ 6


    We have finished learning all the math skills needed for 5th grade.  We will spend the rest of the year going over any skills that we are still struggling with. I posted students practice STAAR test grade in skyward so you can see. The best way to support your child between now and STAAR will be to encourage them to complete their homework. The students will come home with the daily rigor homework on Mondays and it will be due the following Monday.  This is a review of most skills for 5th grade and I will go over the homework with them once they turn it in.  We will also be doing a spiral review in class that covers the skills that they are struggling with the most.  These will also be sent home after they complete it.  Going over these will significantly help them to improve their skills. 

    I will also be sending home text books if you feel that additional resources are needed.  Khan academy is also a great resource that includes video  with practice problems.  Thank you so much for supporting us.









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  •                          Hello Families!

                            Students will take their math and science STAAR tests this week. We are intermingling test taking with fun activities such as paper airplane races and fun science activities.


    Two more weeks untill 5th graders become sixth graders.

    Mrs. Cunningham




  • Fifth Grade Team

    Alice Cunningham- English Language Arts and Reading

    Rebecca Sigler- Social Studies

    Kristina Murphy - Science

    Andrea Parris- Math