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Coach Bullock

Hi!!!  I am Coach Bullock and I work over at River Horse Academy, teaching the Social Studies content.  A little about myself.  After some serious thought of what I'd like to have accomplished in my career, what would mean the most to me looking back over it all, I believe that I can honestly say this.....

What I would like to be able to accomplish as a teacher/coach is for my students to want what my inspirational teachers did for me.  I hope to introduce them to the realization that education can be fun and exciting.  To instill within them an appreciation for knowledge---and that the skills they learn while in school can carry over to any work place they may enter into in life.

My desire is to show them that each one of them can make a difference; that they are significant and matter.  I hope to provide sturcture and boundaries so that students can feel free enough and have enough room to experiment and learn without fear of ridicule.  I hope to be objective and fair to each one of my students.  Fairness (as defined by giving equal time to each side of an issue and fairness as defined as what is in the best interest of each individual student as determined by me) will be a watchword in the classroom.  I hope to empower students so they are ready to attend college if that's what they desire or go into the work-a-day-world if that's what they want.

I will be the first to agree that students do have a responsibility, too, and it is difficult for even a motivated teacher to kindle student interest out of nothing.  They do need to bring something to the table.  On the other hand, I think it behooves us as teachers to reflect upon our practices regularly and determine where we are doing well and where we might improve.

These are the things that drive me to be a teacher.  These are the things I hope to accomplish as a teacher.

 I will be posting my EOC power points, notes, videos and EOC reviews for anyone to watch.  Please feel free to drop by anytime for great US History STAAR/ EOC Reviews.  Good Luck and have a great year!!

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