Welcome to First Grade


    Classroom News:  


    LANGUAGE ARTS - We are reviewing and focusing on , /ou/, /ow/, /oi/, and /oy/, and types of sentences. The story we are reading is There's a Big, Beautiful World Out There! We will be making inferences and drawing conclusions.  

    WORD WALL WORDS (sight words) :  there, very, would, pretty, and before 

    Spelling words we are practicing the sounds with are: sound, coin, boil, loud, soil, noise, couch, around, house and joined 

    MATH - We are applying all that we have learned as we solve many different kinds of word problems and working on balancing equations. Here is an example of an balanced equation : 4+5=_+3. We are also working on missing addends. We are reviewing all concepts learned this year through word problems and math games. 

    SOCIAL STUDIES - Inventors and Inventions 

    SCIENCE - Animal Characteristics