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Hutto High School Symphonic Band

  • Symphonic Band is a High School Level I, II, III, or IV music course structured and approved by the Texas Education Agency, for students in grades 9-12.  After completing the full-year course, students will be able to describe and analyze music and musical sounds, organize and problem solve, read and write music notation, perform literature at an increasing level of difficulty, switch styles within a piece of music and understand when a change is appropriate, relate a variety of genres to history and culture, and evaluate their own performances and performances of others.

    This course follows the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) chapter 117 for Fine Arts, subchapter C.  


    Welcome to Band!  

    All students in the Symphonic Band will refine their individual instrument skills while combining them with other instruments in a full band setting.  Students will spend their class period learning how to balance and blend within an ensemble, expand their listening skills across a section and room, study more in-depth literature, communicate to one another using the language of music, and work as a team to put on several concerts throughout the year.  

    Different from their middle school band class, high school students will participate in Marching Band during the fall semester.  Competitions on Saturdays in October are required events and rehearsals after school during the week are necessary for successful performances (optional in 2020 due to COVID).  In the spring, students will compete at the UIL Concert and Sightreading Evaluation.  Band UIL is one of the most rigorous evaluations Texas public school students face and preparation starts 3-4 weeks before classes begin.  Students are expected to take their instruments home DAILY to increase proficiency and prepare for the next day with their teammates.  

    The band is the largest student organization on campus and continues to be one of the most successful.  Students who complete Symphonic Band will be prepared for participation in any of the high school concert bands the following year.  We will take students on a performance trip to Disney World over Spring Break.  Students do not need to be academically eligible to travel this year.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email Mr. Rush at or at 759-4720. The 2020-21 Symphonic Band meets 3rd period.  Tutorial times are before school.  Consistent with campus policy, students will need to obtain a pass before attending tutorials.