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    Hutto ISD will utilize the EZ Routing routing system in the 2020-21 school year.

    Parents should create a parent account for EZ Routing at https://www.ezrouting.com/huttotx

    The purpose of EZ Routing is to create a safer and more secure transportation system for parents.

    Once you log into the EZ Routing program, you can click the "Help" button to watch tutorial videos. You will be directed to input detailed information relating to transportation for each student(s). Once this information is entered, it will be sent to the transportation department. Requests for bus schedules will be reviewed, approved, or denied as soon as possible. We are working on requests as we receive them.  You will be notified by transportation via email and/or text of your student(s) bus number, stop location, and a.m. pick-up time.

    Please have your student(s) at the bus stop location 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Buses can run a few minutes late depending on many factors. With this account, you should update contact and other critical information as it changes (i.e. cell phone number(s), email address, additional contacts, transportation-related health information, or provide a change of address for the transportation department if moving).

    Thank you for your cooperation and have a great school year!

  • EZ Routing
  • Bus Rider Handbook
  • Walkers Handbook

Contact Us

  • Hutto ISD Transportation
    Phone: 512-759-2105
    Email: Transportation@huttoisd.net

    David Uecker
    Director of Transportation

    Lorena Hernandez
    Administration Assistant to the Director of Transportation

    Jamie Marrow
    Operations Manager

    Jonathan Williams
    Fleet Manager

    Kim Herber
    Special Needs Supervisor

    Brooke McCrary
    Routing Coordinator

    Rosalind Higgins

    Patricia Ratliff
    Dispatcher/Field Trips

    Paige Rosenbusch
    Lead Driver/Trainer

  • Transportation Mission Statement: The mission of the Transportation Department is to safely provide quality and reliable service for students, staff, and community through a well-trained and positive staff that satisfies customers.

    Dear Parents & Students:
    The Hutto ISD Transportation Department is responsible for the safe and timely transportation of students attending Hutto ISD schools. We’d like to take this time to update you on our services, rules for riding the bus and changes taking place for the 16-17 school year.

    Recognizing that Hutto ISD continues to grow and change, each year the Director of Transportation conducts an efficiency study to help identify the best ways to streamline and improve operations while continuing to ensure safe and reliable service for all Hutto students who are eligible for bus transportation.  Service parameters and changes for the 2016-17 school year are included below:

    Service Parameters
    Eligibility Transportation is available for students who live two miles or more from their assigned school. The distance a student lives from their assigned school is determined by measuring from the curb at the front of the school to the curb in front of their home using the closest paved street. Students residing within two miles of their assigned school may have transportation available if their neighborhood qualifies as hazardous under the district's hazardous transportation rating system. This includes areas that must cross train tracks, major highways, and more. Please visit our website to learn more about the hazardous transportation rating system.

    Bus Route Criteria
    Elementary students may be required to walk up to 1/4 of a mile to a bus stop. Secondary students may be required to walk up to 1/2 of a mile. Assigning students to a specific route and bus stop addresses critical safety concerns for students who ride the bus, and allows school leaders to better communicate and serve families when a delay or other changes in service are experienced. It is important that your child know and use his or her assigned bus stop and bus route. 

    If you have questions, need more information, or need to inquire about special arrangements for students with temporary disabilities (a cast or use of crutches or a wheelchair), please contact David Uecker, Director of Transportation at (512) 759-2105.