Mrs. Courtnee Bownds

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science in Biology from Concordia University Texas Masters of Education from Concordia Portland

Mrs. Courtnee Bownds

Hey Y'all!

I am so excited about the legendary year we are going to have in 8th grade Science here at Farley Middle School!  I am a Hippo through and through and bleed burnt orange! I've lived in Hutto since I was in 3rd grade and graduated from HHS in 2006, I continued my education at Concordia University, where I recieved a Bachelors of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. I also hold a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership and Science Education from the University of Concordia Portland.  I started teaching at FMS in 2009 and have been in 8th grade since 2012!

I have been married to my sweet husband for 9 years, we love serving the community of Hutto with our son and daughter. 

I also serve as the FMS cheer coach, if you are looking for information on cheer, please follow the "Cheer Info" link.

Please feel free to contact me through email at any time!  

Important Announcement
  • 8th Grade Science Students and Parents,


    I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break, only 10 more weeks of this school year! Grades have been updated and reflect your students current grade in my class.  If you or your student feel that I have made an error in the grade book please have your student come by during tutorial hours so we can get it fixed ASAP.


    All corrections, absent work, and late work for assignments assigned prior to Spring Break were due and entered on 3/8.  I will not be accepting any corrections, absent work, or late work for the following assignments unless prior arrangements were made or students were absent when corrections were due.


    1. STAAR Tutorial 8.8D Light Years - Assigned 2/18 due 2/21 (homework)
    2. EdPuzzle The Universe - Assigned 2/18 due 2/21 (homework)
    3. Study Island Universe Practice - Assigned 2/19 due 2/20 (classwork)
    4. EM Spectrum Stations 2/19 due 2/20 (classwork)
    5. STAAR Tutorial 8.8A Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe - Assigned 2/25 due 2/28 (homework)
    6. EdPuzzle Life Cycle of a Star - Assigned 2/25 due 2/28 (homework)
    7. Life Cycle of a Star Stations - Assigned 2/26 due 2/26 (classwork)
    8. HR Diagram Stations- Assigned 2/28 due 2/28 (classwork)
    9. The HR Diagram EdPuzzle - Assigned 2/28 due 2/28 (classwork)
    10. Stars, Galaxies and the Universe Book Review - Assigned 3/1 due 3/1 (Sub Work, completion grade, if not turned in will result in a zero. If absent will be entered as a no count).


    Assignment Grades for this week:

    1. Universe Test - Assigned 3/8 - if your student missed this test they have until Friday 3/22 to complete it.  Corrections for this test are due Friday 3/29 by 4 pm.
    2. STAAR Tutorial 8.11B - Assigned 3/18 due 3/22 (homework)
    3. EdPuzzle Ecosystems - Assigned 3/18 due 3/22 (homework)
    4. Study Island Biotic and Abiotic Factors - Assigned 3/19 due 3/19 (classwork)
    5. Food Webs and Relationships Stations - Assigned 3/21 due 3/22 (classwork)


    Corrections due this week:

    • No corrections due this week
    • Universe Test corrections are due Friday 3/29 and will be made available on Wednesday.


    This weeks tutorials are:

    Tuesday 7:50 - 8:25

    Thursday 7:50 - 8:25

    Thursday 4:00 - 4:50

    Friday 7:50 - 8:25


    Students must have a pass for morning tutorials, they can be checked out during class.


    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at any time.  Have a great week!


    Mrs. Bownds

    Courtnee Bownds - Farley Middle School

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