• Welcome to Hutto High School


    I want to welcome you and your child to Hutto High School.  My name is Alison Gass.  I am one of the Functional Academic teachers at HHS.  I’m so excited to teach in Hutto ISD for the 6th year.

    I am starting my 18th year as a functional academic teacher in the Fall.  My passion is working with children/adults with special needs.  My goal every year is to challenge my students to become as independent as possible and to educate their parents of different programs their child qualify for. I want to challenge myself to learn more about communication and technology involving individuals with multiple disabilities.

    My husband, Chuck, and I foster 3 adult men with special needs in our house.  Joey, who is my brother in law, has Fragile X and severe ADHD.  My other two fosters are diagnosis with Angelman Syndrome and CP.

    Libby is my 9 year old daughter and the light of our lives.  With fosters and Libby, they keep us active with the extra activities.  The guys are busy with Special Olympics and Libby has horse riding lessons, dance and swimming lessons.

    In the past, I have been a caregiver to different clients outside of the school district.  The clients I work with are involved with MDCP, PCP, and CLASS.  I am very active in learning laws, programs and lists the special needs community qualify and/or receive.

    Please feel free to ask anything of me.  If I do not know the answer; I’m confident I can find someone who knows.

    Thank you for allowing us to teach the best students in Hutto,

    Alison Gass