• Taylor Powerlifting Meet

    Posted by Robin Bonner on 1/19/2019
    8th Grade Boys   7th Grade Boys   8th Grade Girls   7th Grade Girls
    114 Class     114 Class     97 Class     97 Class  
    Nathan Westbrook 2nd Place   Jayden Flores 2nd Place   Emma Griffen 1st Place   Gabriella Turnipseed 1st Place
    Lucas Allen 3rd Place   Jadyn Fordham 4th Place            
    Sisto Quiroz 4th Place         105 Class     105 Class  
    Jaquez Horn 5th Place   123 Class     Natalie Martin 1st Place   Aubrey Bazan 2nd Place
          Jonathan Chapland 2nd place   Ysabel Smith 2nd Place      
    132 Class     Christian Medina 3rd Place         114 Class  
    Jarius Wiley 1st Place   Chiggy Ogara 4th Place   114 Class     Ada Vasquez 1st place
    Ronnie James 2nd Place   Ismael Santana 5th Place   Arianna Turnipseed 1st Place      
          Joshua Tiggett 6th Place   Syriah Enriquez 2nd Place   123 Class  
    148 Class           Malaena Bazan 3rd Place   Rebecca Jones 1st Place
    Luke Nash 2nd Place   132 Class              
    Anthony Gonzalez 3rd Place   Logan Clough 2nd Place            
          Matthews Arreola 5th Place            
    165 Class                    
    Camilo Monteon 1st Place   148 Class              
    Carson Forrest 4th Place   Truett Balcer 3rd Place            
    Gavin Walker 6th Place                  
    Tyler Organ 7th Place   165 Class              
          EJ Caldwell 2nd Place            
    181+ Class                    
    Jesus Nieto Diaz 2nd Place                  
    Craig Gordon 3rd Place                  
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  • HMS Girls Basketball Fare Well Against Tippit

    Posted by Robin Bonner on 12/4/2018

    7B lost 12-25

    7A won 44-10

    8B won 49-10

    8A won 39-23

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  • Girls Basketball Sweeps Taylor in Season Opener!

    Posted by Robin Bonner on 11/29/2018

    7B won 29 - 16

    7A won 31 - 18

    8B won 46 - 5

    8A won 45 - 13

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  • HMS Girls Volleyball Sweeps Wagner

    Posted by Robin Bonner on 10/30/2018

    The Lady Hippos finish the season strong by beating Wagner with all four teams.
    7B: 25-22, 25-16 District Record 4-4
    7A: 25-19, 25-23 District Record 4-4
    8B: 25-20, 25-21 District Record 5-3
    8A: 25-9, 25-17 District Record 6-2

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  • HMS Volleyball "Pink Out" Game a Success

    Posted by Robin Bonner on 10/26/2018

    HMS not only swept Hernandez all 4 games but also raised $137 for Breast Cancer Awareness by Painting Pink Pumpkins!

    HMS 7B won 25-12, 25-17
    HMS 7A won 20-25, 25-11, 25-17
    HMS 8B won 25-12, 25-9
    HMS 8A won 25-8, 25-11

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  • HMS Splits with Forbes in Volleyball

    Posted by Robin Bonner on 10/19/2018
    HMS vs Forbes Volleyball

    HMS 7A:  18-25,25-23,25-16  Win

    HMS 7B:  20-25,25-22,15-25  Loss
    HMS 8A:  19-25,25-22,24-26  Win
    HMS 8B:  25-11,25-18  Loss
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  • HMS Volleyball Bring Home Medals from Georgetown

    Posted by Robin Bonner on 9/30/2018

    8th Grade A - 2nd Place

    8th Grade B - Consolation

    7th Grade B - 2nd Place

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  • Cross Country Medal at Bastrop

    Posted by Robin Bonner on 9/14/2018

    HMS Cross Country Runners Medal at Bastrop

    1st Adriana Olguin - 8th grade girls

    2nd Isabella Valles - 7th grade girls

    3rd Alyza Delayo - 7th grade girls

    8th Clyde Adams - 7th grade boys

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  • HMS Sweeps Tippit

    Posted by Robin Bonner on 9/14/2018

    HMS Volleyball Team Sweeps Tippit
    7B won 25-11, 25-5
    7A won 25-23, 23-25, 25-11
    8B won 25-12, 25-6
    8A won 25-6, 25-16

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  • HMS Challenges Taylor Ducks in Volleyball

    Posted by Robin Bonner on 9/7/2018

    HMS girls volleyball won 3 out of 4 games last night against the Taylor Ducks!

    HMS 7B vs Taylor:  25-11, 25-12
    HMS 7A vs Taylor:  25-16, 15-25, 22-25
    HMS 8B vs Taylor:  25-8, 25-4
    HMS 8A vs Taylor:  25-12, 25-9
    Thanks!  Coach Bonner
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  • Good Evening!

    Just a reminder that tomorrow, August 30, we will be having a parent meeting for ALL boys who are in athletics.  It will be from 5:30-6:30 in the HMS Gym.  I will be adding the agenda and the parent meeting information.  You will need to also go on to Rank One to read and sign that you have received the Student Athletic handbook.  The handbook will be available on Rank One.  Look forward to talking with you!  



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