Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Kayla Gossett

Welcome HMS Families to the 2023-2024 School Year! I am so excited about what this school year is going to bring for our students and our community, and I hope you are as well. I am extremely blessed to join the HMS community this year, and I am looking forward to partnering with our families and the community to further enrich the school experience for our children! 

Our staff has been working hard as we prepare to open our doors to nearly 1300 students in just a few days. Our district theme this year is Connect, Relate, Engage and Empower, and we cannot wait to do that with every student this year. Our new campus motto is, "Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow". At HMS we believe EVERYONE is a leader. To help our students grow as leaders, we will be implementing Leader in Me processes across the campus, and students will learn about The 7 Habits during advisory every Wednesday. We will also send out Leader in Me Family Newsletters so that you can continue the conversations at home with your students. 

A little bit about me...
This will be my 13th year in education. I started my career in Austin ISD as a Math teacher, I have also been a Math teacher and Instructional Coach in Pflugerville ISD, and I have spent the last four years as an Assistant Principal at Farley Middle School here in Hutto.

I have been married to my college sweetheart, Jay, for 14 years. He is the Chief Operations Officer for The SAFE Alliance.  We have two children, Aly who is entering 2nd grade in the Special Education program and Russ who is entering 4th grade in the Gifted and Talented program. My own children run the spectrum of all the joys and challenges that come with school, and my goal is to draw on my own experiences to see every situation not just from the perspective of an educator, but also through the lens of the parent and the child.

My core values...
1) I believe in treating everyone with kindness, respect and grace. This is the approach I will take with everyone on our campus, students, staff and parents, and this is something I strive to instill in our students as well.
2) I believe in putting faith and family first.  This is something I usually address only with staff, but I believe it is important for our students and families as well. It is important that we prioritize the social and emotional needs of our students and their families before we can address academics.
3) I believe in always doing what is best for kids. I believe every student is capable of achieving great things, and it is our job to unlock their full potential.

I hope that through this message you get a sense of how passionate this staff is about building relationships with our students and helping them reach their full potential. We look forward to partnering with you throughout this school year!

Grace and blessings,

Kayla Gossett