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Board Legislative Priorities

Hutto ISD Board of Trustees 2023 Legislative Priorities

  1. Accountability.  Student growth and performance should be measured fairly.  Texas public schools should be held to appropriate standards of academic performance by an accountability system that accurately reflects the students’ continuous improvement.  We stand with Raise Your Hand Texas in supporting real-time assessments that inform instruction, measure individual student progress, and serve as one of the multiple measures reflecting a student’s entire educational experience.  We also believe that charter schools should be held to the same accountability standards.  

  2. Accountability (HB 4545): The expectations of this bill need to be revisited. Much of what is required was already being done. Finding the teachers to fulfill these requirements is difficult and adds frustration to retention efforts.  Local districts and teachers know best how to help their students. 

  3. Funding (Basic Allotment): The basic allotment must be increased. It should be based on enrollment as fixed costs.  Attendance can still be part of the accountability without an impact on funding.  Consider automatically adjusting the basic allotment for inflation. 

  4. Support our Students by Supporting Solutions to Staff Shortage/Retention: Teachers need to feel valued by our communities with legislators leading the charge through their actions.  Prioritize incentives for teacher recruitment and retention that offers flexibility for districts to address local staffing needs.  We support enhancing teaching as a career, attracting and preparing a strong teacher workforce, and retaining quality educators in the field.  

  5. School Safety: Create a standard of safety for schools. Work with the Texas School Safety Center to set a bar and adequately fund us to get there. Increase the safety allotment and maintain flexibility for local school districts. 

  6. Vouchers:  We stand with Raise Your Hand Texas in believing that public dollars should remain in public schools. Students, parents, communities, and businesses rely on public schools to provide high-quality education and ensure a bright future for Texas. Vouchers divert public education funds to private schools, neglect our most vulnerable students, and lack transparency when it comes to spending and outcomes.  We support keeping education tax dollars in public schools and investing in quality public school choice and innovative programs.  

  7. Support Fast Growth Funding:  Increase the capacity of the Fast Growth Allotment to acknowledge the growing statewide need and reduce proration.