The 2019-20 school year started with road construction on 1660 South and near the intersection of 1660 and CR 137, which impacted FMS walkers. In addition, sidewalk construction near Groves and Mager affected HES walkers.
    Because of the construction, the Transportation Department agreed to provide transportation to an area that would normally be considered a "walk to school" zone. 
    Now that the construction of the road and sidewalks along those routes has been completed, the Glenwood subdivision, including McCoy, Bayliss, and Fishbaugh will revert to its original "walk to school" status for FMS students, as will Groves and Mager for HES.
    This will take effect when students return from the Christmas break on January 7. 
    Please let us know if we can answer any questions by calling 512-759-2105 or emailing transportation@huttoisd.net.




    Hutto ISD will utilize a new routing system in the 2019-20 school year called EZ Routing.

    Parents of bus riders should create a parent account for EZ Routing at https://www.ezrouting.com/huttotx

    The purpose of switching to EZ Routing is to create a safer and more secure transportation system for parents.

    Once you log into the EZ Routing program, you can click the "Help" button to watch tutorial videos. You will be directed to input detailed information relating to transportation for each student(s). Once this information is entered, it will be sent to the transportation department. Requests for bus scheduling will be reviewed, approved or denied as soon as possible. We are working on requests as we receive them.  You will be notified by transportation via email and/or text of your student(s) bus number, stop location, and a.m. pick-up time. 

    Please have your student(s) at the bus stop location 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Buses can run a few minutes late depending on many factors. With this account, you should update contact and other critical information as it changes (i.e. cell phone number(s), email address, additional contacts, transportation-related health information, or provide a change of address for the transportation department if moving). 

    If you are having trouble finding your route via the EZ Routing link, please view the individual buses by campus (attached).

    To view the bus #, bus stop, and schedule for the bus closest to your home, please choose the school and view the bus numbers until you find the one closest to you.
    NOTE: Not all students are eligible for transportation.