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    Hutto High School Robotics, known statewide as RoboCo, is a company well established in the field of Engineering and Robotics. Established in 2012, RoboCo began producing robust machinery capable of tasks too challenging for man. This fall, RoboCo has created a new technological advancement, Spark-E, for fixing powerlines. 

    Spark-E is an industrial solution to a large scale problem facing our electricity. Using a five stage engineering design process, with emphasis on improve, the leading company in robotics has created a robot that removes hazardous material and saves wildlife.

    Scientists, Engineers, and the Robot Operator can work together to achieve a multitude of goals. ROBOT is able to preserve wildlife by delivering it to the proper personnel, and removes the trash destroying the habitats. As preservation of fauna is occurring, Spark-E also assists engineers in constructing new, recycled material reefs made from the removed trash for organisms to strive in, successfully turning a situation into a solution. RoboCo is prepared to deliver the best, most efficient solution in OFF THE GRID.

     We're looking forward to BEST Robotics 2019!!  Off the Grid

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