• In Texas, drug-free zones extend 1000 feet from schools.

    If you are stopped in a School Zone (Remember, 20 mph ) and you are in possession of drugs, law enforcement will increase the charge to a higher level/penalty.

    Working definitions to know about drug-free zones

    Schools are considered “drug-free zones”, in Texas if you are within 1000′ of such a zone, this specific statue is called out by the health and safety code Texas Health and Safety Code Section 481.134


    1. Any location that is within 1000 feet of premises owned, rented or leased by

        • an institution of higher learning,
        • the premises of a public or private youth center, or
        • a playground;

    2. or any location that is within 300 feet of the premises of

        • a public swimming pool
        • video arcade facility or
        • on a school bus.