• Special COVID-19 Registration Process

    While our normal school operations are suspended, please submit all required documentation to registration@huttoisd.net.

    1. Documentation of Student Identity (Order a Texas Birth Certificate)
    Over age 11 examples: birth certificate, statement of birth from Texas Department of State Health Services, Driver’s license, passport, military ID, hospital birth record, or adoption records.
    Under age 11: a certified copy of the birth certificate is required per Code of Criminal Procedures, Article 63.019.  If you are unable to produce a certified copy of the birth certificate within 30 days from enrollment, or up to 90 days from enrollment for a child not born in the United States you must provide one of the examples for over age 11 and a signed note explaining why you are unable to produce a certified copy of the birth certificate.

    2. Proof of Immunization

    3. Proof of Residence (current utility bill, current lease, or current mortgage statement)

    4. Student Social Security Card

    5. Parent/Guardian Driver’s License

    6. Last report card, test scores, unofficial transcript, special program documentation (if applicable)

    7. Withdrawal form from the previous school district