• Robotics

  • RoboCo VIII prides itself on being a well-trained and structured workforce. In order to meet our goals, it was important to have regular avenues of communication to ensure every department had the information they needed to carry out their tasks. Every Monday we held a ‘Meeting In’ and on Friday a ‘Meeting Out.’ The 30 minute meeting would always focus on what stage of the engineering design process we are at, as well as what our goals are for each week.


    Week One

    September 9, 2019- The day after the ‘Off the Grid’ kickoff, RoboCo VIII held our first company meeting. The returning team members from last year’s competition hosted the meeting in which we developed the organizational chart for our company and listed our ambitions and goals for the upcoming game. A huge emphasis was placed on ensuring that the managers of each department would be held responsible for their team’s work. We also created ‘To-Do’ lists for each department in order to stay on track.

    September 14, 2019- At the end of the week, we assessed each department’s strengths and weaknesses to better improve our company. We stressed that this year, our company needed to be an even stronger, and more pro-active company than we have been in past years. To achieve this, we made sure to review failures from last year, and hypothesize potential failures for this year in attempts to avoid them.


    Week Two

    September 16, 2019- Upon review of the first week we wanted to reevaluate each student’s strengths so as the managers could put them into the departments where their strengths would be the most beneficial. Thankfully, due to our open recruitment policy, our company had various high quality team members whose demographics and skills reflect the state of Texas.

    September 21, 2019- At this point, with brainstorming and game analysis complete, it was time to ensure that we were documenting our ideas and creating CAD illustrations to supplement them. The backbone of our organization was to ensure that we followed the steps of the Engineering Design Process. The Marketing Presentation Team got to work on the demonstration basics, as well as deciding which staff members would discuss which sections of the PowerPoint. The spirit team additionally began to focus on the creation of spirit materials, with a large focus on using recyclable and non-plastic materials.

    Week Three

    September 23, 2019- At the start of this week, we ensured all necessities were being accomplished in each department. Brochures were created as well as posters, and we additionally discussed that with this being the half-way point of the competition, that our progress should be moving forward at a diligent pace. Additionally, the playing field had been completed in order to aid in robot construction/practice.

    September 28, 2019- At this point the Build and Exhibit Team began to stay later in the evenings. The reason being that we wanted to ensure that our last week would be spent on driver practice and not rushing to finish the robot. The social media department also reported that they were making good progress on the website as well as social media outreach, such as with the hashtag #Thanks2BestRobotics.

    Week Four

    September 30, 2019- This week, the construction of ‘Triton’ was in full swing. Despite a few technical difficulties in prior weeks, such as the delay of our technology programs, Robot C was proving to be extremely useful for us. The build team aimed to begin test driving on Week Five, as well as finalizing the layout for the Marketing Presentation.

    October 5, 2019- Our Marketing team was feeling more and more confident in their presentation and the spirit team was nearly complete at constructing their materials. This week also included outreach to out 6th grade ‘pre-robotics’ students, in order to excite them about the competition, as well as the range of options available for them within our company for next year’s season.

    Week Five

    October 7, 2019- We began to finalize ‘Triton’, with pieces here and there finally falling together. Test driving began in order to prepare for the competition, and the Marketing Team was working on finalizing their presentation.

    October 12, 2019- Our exhibit was nearly complete, as our marketing, spirit, and construction teams were finalizing their designs. We began to get very excited about the competition, and we were looking forward to the upcoming weekend. As our notebook was due this week, we ran through our final product to double check for any small errors or mistakes and submit it in for judging.

    Week Six- Final Week

    October 14, 2019- As our Marketing Presentation was on Friday, this was our last formal team meeting, and we were beginning to pinpoint small things that we were able to improve. At this point, the exhibit and spirit team’s products were concluded, and every department was excited, and committed to staying late almost every night to ensure that every item and requirements were completed in preparation for Saturday.