• Hutto Elementary is a Capturing Kids’ Hearts campus, and here, we strive to create a nurturing and productive learning environment where students feel successful, take ownership, and build positive relationships with one another.


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    • Partipating in Fun Friday
    • Positive phone call home



    1. Warning

    This is basically a quick, verbal warning to turn around the undesired behavior.

    2. Teacher Talk

    We have a brief conference to make a plan on how to change the behavior. This may also include practice time to show what the correct behavior should look like.

    3. Loss of Privilege and Note Home

    If an undesired behavior continues, this could mean loss of recess or other fun classroom activities. This could even include sitting by self during lunch. You would get a note home explaining what happened.

    4. Phone Call Home or Parent Conference

    If an undesired behavior has become consistent, students understand that either mom or dad could be called. This could also mean coming up with a plan of action to encourage positive behavior. If you would prefer a parent conference, I would be more than happy to meet in person.

    5. Office Visit

    When I have tried all options and behavior is still not improving, the child may need a visit with Ms. Rosser, our principal. From there, she could help decide an appropriate consequence and a new plan of action to improve the behavior.