• Hutto ISD strives to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all students and staff so that the focus can be on student learning.

    Workers’ Compensation

    All work-related injuries must be reported to your supervisor immediately and reported using the information listed below by following steps one through four. All injuries must be reported, even if you do not seek medical treatment.

    IMPORTANT:  Workers’ Compensation will cover all medical expenses and may provide temporary income benefits if eligible. Employees may use available paid leave for doctor visits and to cover extended absences due to their work-related injury. For questions please call (512) 759-3771.

    Hutto ISD provides Workers’ Compensation benefits through the Texas Association of School Boards Risk Management Fund (TASB).

    Step One:

    Download “How to Report a Work Place Accident or Injury” Packet:

    How to Report A Work Place Accident or Injury

    Step Two:

    Complete the Accident/Injury Forms found in packet

    • The forms must be completed by the injured employee, supervisor, witness, or campus nurse.
    • Employee must sign and keep all forms for their records:
      • Accident/Injury Report Form
      • Election Leave Benefit Form
      • The Alliance Direct Form
    • Completed forms must be faxed to HR within 24 hours of injury. Please fax all forms to (512)759-2193

    Step Three:

    Choose a medical provider from the list of approved alliance providers located here: www.pswca.org. Injured employee must select an approved alliance provider in order for the claim to be paid under Workers’ Compensation.

    Step Four:

    Attend all follow up doctor’s appointments, and provide HR with any additional information, including paperwork pertaining to your accident/injury.