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    Famous People With Dyslexia

    Person of the month:

    • Walt Disney- Pioneer of American Animation, Producer, Entrepenaur

    Last month: Patricia Polacco, children's author.. the most famous person with Dyslexia. She is over 80 yrs. old now. We appreciate her stories of her life, how she struggled as a child but learned a few basic things about reading and changed her life so much... she become an Author, someone who loves the printed word. She types all her work, without using a computer.

    • Steve Jobs, cofounder Apple Computers
    • Octavia Spencer- American Actress, Author
    • Magie Aderon- Astronomer
    • Princess Beatrice- granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth
    • Daniel Radcliffe-actor "Harry Potter"
    • Tom Cruise- American Actor, Film Producer
    • Whoopi Goldberg- Television Personality, American Comedian, Actress
    • Keira Knightly- American/British Actress
    • Charles Schwab- chairman, pioneer business owner
    • Orlando Bloom- American Actor
    • Ingvar Komprad- founder of IKEA; Swedish businessman
    • Albert Einstein- scientist; German physicist
    • Nolan Ryan- part owner of the Round Rock Express, Dell Diamond; former Texas Major League Baseball Pitcher.
    • Steven Spielberg- award winning American film director and writer.
    • Edward James Olmos- award winning actor. Hispanic Heritage Month
    • Will you be the next person of the month ?

    Parent Tips:

    • Discuss new vocabulary with your child before reading.
    • Reading to and with your child on a regular basis is very beneficial.
    • To recall math steps, use DMSB (Divide Multiply Subtract Bring down).
    • For writing, use CUPS (Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation, Spelling).
    • For social studies, learning directions for north, south, east, west use ( Never Eat Soggy Waffles)



    Students can continue to log in at home for additional practice in reading, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension. 

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    Students can continue to access their online created library of audiobooks at home.

    https://learningally.org/app user : lunch number    password: huttohippo