• Tutorial times should be utilized when students need some extra help or time with the classroom content. Tutorials are great if:

    • You need a little guidance on your assignment
    • You need to correct a test
    • You'd like further explanation on a concept
    • You'd just like a quiet place to work on homework or read

    Tutorials are not used to:

    • "Raise my grade"
    • Find out what you are missing or can correct- take ownership of your grades and check Skyward.


    Let Mrs. Stowers know if you are coming to tutorials on a tutorial day, and sign in to tutorials when you arrive.

    Have a goal in mind!

  • As the year gets busy, I sometimes have meetings, conferences, etc during morning and after school times. 

    I try my best to honor my tutorial times, but sometimes changes of schedule cannot be helped. I keep an up-to-date notice of tutorial times on the board for the week if I've had to make adjustments. 

    Students, please check the board to confirm tutorial times for the week.