• Students will need a 1" binder, a small spiral, and a pack of notecards for this class. 

    Here is how we will be utilizing those supplies to support learning:


    Students will store their binders in their backpacks, and they must be brought every single day. We will use the materials in the binders daily. Our interactive textbook is consumable, so we will be utilizing the binders to organize and add to items in our textbook. Students should use the pockets of their binders for unfinished work, and parents can look at the binder with their student to take a look at work samples and to help support the completion of any homework.

    Spiral Notebook:

    Students will store their spiral with their binder as well. We will be writing daily, oftentimes working towards a larger writing piece that will be used as an assessment grade. Spirals will be used to introduce and practice new structural techniques and organize student writing portfolios. This is a great place to check out your student's writing and to see how it grows as the year progresses!


    We will frequently use notecards as a means for formatively assessing student learning for the day. These will often be quick checks and will regularly be taken as a grade.